Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Three

First: Daisy Craze
Daisy prints are popping up everywhere and I love the idea of a flowy daisy playsuit, wide-brimmed hat and chunky sandals. Spring is right around the corner here in OK, and I can't wait to add a fun daisy piece to my wardrobe!

Shown: Rhea Daisy Print Strappy Playsuit, $26
Not for you? Visit my Polyvore for more chic daisy-inspired styles!

Second: Hair problems
I love short hair, that's my *$%^@#! problem.

But on a serious note, I do. I love short hair. Yes, you can braid and twirl and updo long hair all you want, but despite all of that I feel like short hair is so much more versatile. Mess it up. Apply all the texture spray you want. Gloss it down. Curl it, big or small. Plus... how chic does Olivia look with short hair? Super chic, that's the answer.

Most of the time I like my -super- long hair. But sometimes it feels like a big brown stringy mop on top of my head and I've been getting the urge to cut it. What do you think?

Third: Laugh a little
I love when people are clever because I am really not, especially when it's kids. This hilarious article from is just what it says it is... distracting! And hilarious. If you need a break from whatever it is you're bored with, check this out!


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