Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Motivation is key

Since this is a life, style, and lifestyle blog, I want to start incorporating more lifestyle posts into the normal routine. Today I want to talk about the small changes I've made (that you should make too!) to better your body starting on the inside.

Regardless of the workout, getting yourself off of your (or my?) addiction to doughnuts is the first step. Abs are made in the kitchen! I am definitely not the best eater out there (have you checked out the Tone It Up recipes? Talk about CLEAN.) Here are some easy ways to start from scratch:

  • This may come as a shocker: do not buy anything at the grocery store that you know is bad for you. If there's a cookie in front of you, you're gonna eat that instead of the fruit next to it. Just don't get cookies and you'll be fine!
  • Avoid eating anywhere but home. I have made a rule for myself: on the weekends, if I want to go out to dinner and eat unhealthy free bread or get dessert, I will. But during the week, I can have a bowl of Special K just as easily as I can go grab a number whatever from Taco Bell. It's all about willpower and if I can do it, you can too!
  • If you do hit the drive through, don't beat yourself up about it. Now, this doesn't mean that you can do this twice a week. If you've been working hard and eating right for a couple of weeks, allow yourself to have some fries or a bagel with the entire thing of cream cheese. Instead of having an entire cheat day, just have small cheat moments to keep your cravings down and motivation up.
  • Start eating avocado. It will change your life. Use it like you would mayo on a sandwich, eat it with egg whites on toast or just eat it plain with some salt and pepper. My guilty pleasure? Jalapeno chips dipped in avocado. Not healthy, but good for one of those cheat moments!
  • Eat organically. I have been transitioning into organic foods and drinks for the past couple of years and it's the best decision I've ever made! Knowing what's going into my body just automatically makes me feel better. I drank non-organic milk the other day and it made my stomach super upset. It just goes to show how your body loves not having all that other stuff in it!
  • If you go for coffee, get it "skinny" if you're at Starbucks or made with non-fat milk. Again, it's the small changes that can make the biggest differences, and bonus-they hardly ever taste different.
From now on, I'll occasionally be posting things I'm doing or easy ways to swap out one thing for another healthier option in your life.


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