Monday, January 26, 2015

Relationships//second chances

Caution: sappy, personal post
I have been pretty fortunate in my adult relationships. I've never done the yo-yo, back and forth thing. It's either been relationship, friends, civil, or nothing, and I'm grateful for that. It seems I've always taken a more "mature" approach to my relationships, I'm guessing mainly because of how headstrong I am, plus, I almost always know what I want and what I don't.

With that being said, being in tune with your mind and soul are so important when it comes to relationships. Sometimes you'll be in a state of limbo, but if you recognize that early on, eventually you'll know the right thing to do.

I recently re-kindled a relationship with my ex. We broke up over a year ago, and we've always kept in touch here and there, but the timing just never felt right and we both needed that time to ourselves; to explore our options and grow as individuals. However, in whatever alchemy brought us back together, it just felt right.

Here are a few things that I reminded myself of when thinking about whether or not giving it another go was a good idea. (By the way, I didn't know for sure until after I told him and got the feeling that I did the right thing.)
These things, I hope, can provide you with a basis of what to consider about your relationship, or potential relationship, too. He:
  • Is unwaveringly supportive of EVERYTHING I do (this is at the top of my list. Without support, in my opinion, there is no healthy relationship)
  • Always reassures me that I am smart, capable and strong, all things I greatly value
  • Is humble when he needs to be, and stands strong in his opinion when needed as well
  • Brings me back down to earth
  • Lets me bring him back to earth, too
  • Agrees (with me) that arguing needs to be humble and peaceful, we both don't believe that "fights" are necessary for a healthy relationship, (this is very important; discussing how to handle arguments, because they will happen)
  • Is always open to me sharing my emotions and to sharing his
  • Tells me when I'm giving him good energy (because he knows I appreciate it)
  • Looks at me like I hung the stars in the sky
  • Knows me to a T. He understands my moods, humor, what I like and don't like, and best of all, accepts, loves and appreciates all of those things and more.
I could go on and on. Never settle for less than you deserve, period. Never let anyone else define what your relationship is or should be, as long as it's healthy and happy. Also, don't compare yourself or your relationship to other people or other relationships. There is such a beauty in having something unique to you, your partner and no one else.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Women in the workplace//wherever that may be

Today, I read an article about the woman who started the hashtag #WomenWhoWork. In the article, it lists the five stereotypes she most despises about working women.

While I'm very unrefined in my approach to convince my friends that working does not mean no life and vice-versa, Feminism, AKA gender equality for all, is something I've become increasingly passionate about.

I've always been a very independent person, shaping me into becoming an independent woman, and I plan on staying that way. No woman should ever have to defend her passions-and yes, you can be just as passionate about your job as you can your family, working out, your dog, wine, or whatever it is you're passionate about. And bonus, you can be passionate about all of those things at once.

In the article, one of my favorite phrases from stereotype number one: professional women are all the same, and stay-at-home moms aren't "working" women, says "The words 'working woman' shouldn't evoke an image of a female in a pinstriped pantsuit." Preach, girl.

Below, see a list of more articles and books on the topic.

The book that started it all, and I'm not even finished reading it yet

Another book I'm reading (shout out to Tina Fey for being awesome)

Have you heard of "Free the Nipple"? While I personally don't plan on giving full-frontals to the general public, here's an interesting article on the rise of nudist feminism.

Sheryl Sandberg (author of the first book referenced above) and Adam Grant recently wrote an intriguing-complete with statistics-article for The New York Times about why women don't speak up at work.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Good vibes Monday

In this life, there is no perfect moment, perfect day, or perfect timing for much of anything! Take the moments you've got and make them perfect, make them what you want them to be. Also, remember, everyone's "perfect" is different.
This week, take advantage of your alarm clock each morning to start a brand new, perfect day.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snip snip, again

When I saw this picture of Lauren Conrad/perfection on Kristin Ess' Instagram, I was infatuated. I couldn't get it out of my head. Well...

This morning, on a whim, I scheduled an appointment with someone I've never met and went for it.
Although she really did a number on my new cut with the curling iron (think huge and scary) I was able to go home and fix it before my afternoon plans. I am SO pleased with the way it turned out, the cut is perfect!

First it was the "lob," now it's the "bob." I know what you're thinking, "bobs aren't new. Bobs aren't trendy." This bob is UPDATED and FABULOUS. Jagged, messy and FUN. I feel very on-trend with this cut. Can't you tell from my use of caps lock?

What do you think? Get the know-how on lobs and bobs from Kristin at The Beauty Department: the resource for my cut!

Have a beautiful weekend.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lessons learned

Today, over on Ever Emma, I gave some insight and tips on things I wish I would've known when I started my blog. Click here to check it out! Thanks so much, Emma, for having me.

PS-My wanderlust is kicking in again... I've been researching different ways to travel for cheap and searching Airbnb for places on random islands

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Intentions for the new year

If you've been following my Instagram, you know that I was planning on meditating on my intentions for 2015. After attending a yoga class a few nights ago, by the time I got into bed the intentions were flowing! I quickly hopped up to write down what I was thinking and within a few minutes, I had them all down on paper (in green marker pen, no less.)

Do you have resolutions or intentions set for the new year? I'd love to hear! Below, see a few of mine.