Friday, August 29, 2014

The perfect clutch

Clutches are back big time and I'm searching for the perfect one. While I can't hardly ever force myself to spend a bunch of money on accessories (I've always been more of a clothes and shoes girl, not so much purses and earrings) it's about time I find a great clutch that goes with everything. Hard part is deciding which direction to go with it!

My style is a mix between minimalist/classic/touch of bohemian, so it's often hard for me to decide between a classic choice and a more bohemian inspired look. Below you'll find my favorites for both.

Which one would you choose?

1//classic brown leather foldover 2//fringe party 3//vintage pom poms 4//classic suede

Monday, August 25, 2014

One-liners about the worst VMA looks

"Who are you wearing?" "Kohl's" "Why are you here" *Shrugs


This better be over quick. I have brunch plans and a baby shower to host.

What? PS do something else with your hair

Who am I? What am I doing here?


PS-Hello Giggle's awesome post pretty much sums up why Beyonce rules the world.
Watch her epic, almost 20-minute full performance HERE!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Four good ways to wear a hat

After the endless search for a floppy hat, I finally bought one in Dallas two weeks ago. Since then I've already worn it once, but I quickly learned that one should not wear a 100% wool hat on a (really) hot Oklahoma summer day.

When I came home from the trip with my new hat in tow, my roommate immediately put it on and said "I don't think I could pull this off" although she looked really cute in it as she does everything else ever.

So I thought... this is probably a common thing, people don't think they can "pull off" a statement such as the floppy hat, and I have to disagree. Here are some of my favorite ways to make it your own.

Keep your outfit simple and monochromatic, this way, you won't feel like you're overdoing it.

Prep it up with a skirt or dress and maybe, if you're feeling fancy, a pair of dainty leather gloves

Add a hint of bohemian-ish flair

Oversize it with a casual shoulder bag, sweaters, scarves and booties

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
PS-LOL-worthy honest slogans

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fall wish list... for now

I am so incredibly ready for fall. Seriously. I am counting down the sleeps until Christmas and since I'm in my last year for school I have even more of a longing to get to the mountains and the crisp, cool air.

I've been going on spending sprees lately... but there are still a couple of things left on my wish list.

1//good hYOUman basic tee 2//the perfect pink 3//rose gold bar studs 4//cool sports bra 5//dainty Converse

PS-Pope Francis beautifully gives his keys to happiness in a recent interview

Monday, August 18, 2014

Eight inches is a lot of inches

I cut my hair Wednesday morning.
RIP long hair

My hair stylist said "You didn't even flinch!"
Signs that it was beyond time to cut it.

I feel like a grown-up. I feel like an adult. When you're in high school, everyone wants butt-long, stick straight hair that looks good when you put it up in a side pony when you get hot at the football game. I had that hair, except I'm in my last year of college...

I got it cut right at my collarbone. Although I didn't think I would like how blunt it is on the ends, it's really growing on me. I can still put it into a high pony if need be and it looks equally as good curly or straight.
Check out my new locks below:

PS-Statue selfies

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vacation, minus the vacation

Hey guys! Long time no talk.

I have been absolutely swamped lately at work (Kickoff Couture is growing VERY steadily) and school starts next week in which I have not prepared myself for at all.

I did buy some felt pens though. Those things are magic.

A lot has happened lately-I went on a crazy shopping spree while on a study tour in Dallas, I decided to become a vegetarian and, oh, I cut 8 inches of hair off of my head.

Needless to say I am feeling like a new woman today!

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be highlighting parts of the recent changes I've made, starting with my decision to become a vegetarian.

My whole life, I've been such a carnivore. There was nothing more I loved in life than burgers, pork roast and Thanksgiving turkey (don't forget the pound of gravy.) However, since being on my own for the last two years, I've found that I have less and less appreciation for red meat and, in turn, never cooked it at my house except for the once every two months I made spaghetti with meat sauce.

I've been curious about living a vegetarian lifestyle for a while now. I have heard amazing things about how it makes you feel and look, and I don't fit NEARLY enough veggies in my diet. While becoming a vegetarian is probably 1/4 placebo effect for me, I'm excited to see where it takes me. If I hate it, I'll stop. But right now I'm committed to this new endeavor.

Please do not get me wrong-I am not going vegan!!! I could never give up dairy and eggs and that is where I will get a lot of my protein, along with things like hemp protein powder, quinoa, hummus, etc.

This is all very new to me (I started this week) but I made the most delicious veggie fajitas using a smidgen of coconut oil, a blend of peppers and onions, freshly made guac and Ezekiel tortillas. Seriously, y'all, why didn't I think of that before?!

If you have any suggestions or tips on this new journey, please pass them on! I would love to hear.

PS-Take a peek at my new Pinterest board appropriately titled "Veg head"