Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hosting//the holiday rush

Via Apartment Therapy
I'm the "baby" in the family, so although I don't host many holiday events at my place, I often contribute in different ways to the events being hosted elsewhere. Below are my best tips on how to keep it cool during the hostiest time of the year. Yes, hostiest.

1. Use as much of your own stuff as you can get your hands on.
Not only is it more eco-friendly to just use your own glass plates, cups, wine glasses and silverware, it looks much prettier. I am also a big advocate for the classic cloth napkin (seriously, what's easier than just throwing it in the washer when you're done?)

2. For a pretty centerpiece, go outside.
Gather pinecones, twigs, holly, spruce, or just-fallen leaves to decorate your table. My suggestions? Use the twigs, berries, or spruce as a centerpiece (with candles or small pumpkins if you have them leftover from Halloween) and place large, brightly colored leaves on top of each place setting.

3. Don't use a huge decanter for red wine.
Okay, this might be a personal thing, but last Thanksgiving I spilled red wine all over my aunt's brand new tablecloth because the decanter was extremely hard to pour from. Keep the bottle out or on a pretty bar cart to pour from! Besides, that avoids everyone asking what type of red it is, and leaves room for other options if you don't have multiple decanters (I mean, who doesn't have two-to-four decanters? Me, that's who.)

Happiest of holidays!