Monday, September 29, 2014

Boise, ID and new perspectives

As long as I've been asked "what do you want to do when you grow up?" I've said "I'm not sure, but I want to live in Colorado." I started telling people that even before my first visit to the state; I just knew there was something special for me in the mountains. PS, I still have the same answer.

Colorado is still where I'll probably end up... but why haven't I ever considered anywhere else?

On a recent trip to Idaho, my mind opened up to the possibilities of more. As soon as I woke up from a short nap on the plane and opened my window, I saw the most beautiful mountain range I've ever seen. I watched it go by, smiling, for 20 minutes.

There's something about the mountains that makes me feel at home. Like I can take a deep breath and actually breathe. So in tune with my heart and mind and soul.

Then I began thinking yes, of course, I would love to see and experience a world and culture and a people other than my own by traveling to other countries. That is a life experience everyone should have. But why worry so much about getting there when we have something so beautiful right here, right below our feet? Or in my case below the wings of a tiny, cramped airplane.

This is why I have a love for flying. You get a whole new perspective, a whole new view-literally-that you simply cannot get anywhere else.

Thursday, my first day there, I was groggy from my 3:00 a.m. alarm and two flights but since it was the only free time I was going to get I took a cab downtown to explore. Based on a short internet search of the downtown Boise area, I decided to visit 8th street and surrounding areas. It was the right choice. My roommate for the weekend and I went to lunch at the local hot spot Fork and did a little shopping. It was a beautiful day.

During the trip, which was for a national conclave for my honor society, we took a tour of the city. We only made two stops, one at the Boise Depot (where we got a wonderful view of the city, left) and the Idaho State Capitol featured on the right. Inside of the capitol was all-white-marble-and-bronze everything and it was beautiful. There were no metal detectors, searching through purses or even any security around that I could see, just a regular Saturday afternoon at the Capitol. It was a breath of fresh air, and that's not counting the actual fresh air you get up there.

Just down the street from the Capitol, the annual Boise Oktoberfest was going on. I'll be attending the Tulsa Oktoberfest in just a few weeks but it would have been cool to experience that.

In East Boise there's an area called Warm Springs that consists of residential properties that are all geothermally heated, meaning all of the hot water and heat in those homes comes from a completely renewable resource. How cool is that? There are four areas in the Boise area that operate this way.

Boise even has a composting program!

Going into the trip I wasn't overly excited about the location, just to get away for a few days. However, upon arriving, I knew it would be a special place and I can't wait to get back someday.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Busy week

The crazy days of September are upon me!

This past Saturday, I had my 22nd birthday party. My actual birthday is tomorrow (the 23rd) but I will be in Boise this Thursday through Sunday so I partied accordingly last weekend.

My genius roommate came up with having a K themed party, meaning all K everything, even the food! Everyone came dressed up as something that starts with K.

Costumes included: kitten (me), Kim Possible, Khaki, Katy Perry (there were two of these), Potassium (K symbol on the periodic chart), Katherine Heigl as Izzie from Grey's Anatomy, King Triton, a kite, K-Fed (from the Britney days), Keanu Reeves (The Matrix), a Krispy Kreme worker, Katniss, and two kindergartners. Am I leaving anything out? Oh, and my dog was a kiwi.

For the decorations, I handmade pom pom garlands from grey and white striped twine, pom poms, and a needle and thread. It took forever, but it was so worth it! I was able to string these throughout the house. We also got some psychedelic balloons.

My "kake" was made out of Krispy Kreme, naturally, and it was a hit. Other foods included "kettles" AKA kettle chips in three varieties and both chocolate chip "kookies" and peanut butter "kiss kookies". Most of the food was gone by the end of the night.

About halfway through the night I decided to get some whiskers and a nose. My dog licked it off by the end of the party.

As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to Boise Thursday-Sunday for a school trip, but I have a little bit of free time on the first day so I'm hoping to get some blog-worthy pics for Monday! I hope you all have an awesome week.

Friday, September 19, 2014


I'm ready to come out and say it: I love turtlenecks.

I've been secretly obsessed with turtlenecks since I was little. My mom always put them on me, and she still wears them herself. I find that they're flattering on me; they elongate my neck and can always add that certain Audrey vibe.

Thankfully, my obsession can become public this season as it's all about the chunky turtleneck (or similar-necked counterpart.) See my favorites below.

1//Kate Spade 2//H&M 3//J.Crew 4//Forever 21

The Zoe Report's How to wear a turtleneck and How to style the turtleneck trend should get you started on conquering those turtleneck fears.

PS-awesome dogs

Friday, September 12, 2014

Links I love

My DIY Pinterest board is filling up with decor ideas for my birthday party next weekend.

Lie Witness News: did you feel that earthquake?

For those still skeptical: George Clooney really does love his fiancee.

Another hilarious Lie Witness News about NYFW

I never get sick of a good celebrity photobomb

My roommate asked me the other day if gaucho-style pants are coming back into style. Yes.

I'm making these healthy pumpkin cheesecake bars for the game this weekend

BRB, going to find patchwork denim

I really want to see this movie. Also, read the post... there are funny Bill Hader quotes.

I'm buying this all-natural, organic headache soother today after work

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

20-something last year of college problems

I am coming down with a serious case of wanderlust. Even more than usual, which means it's really, really bad.

My friend +Sierra Carter left on a six-week backpacking trip across Europe last week and I would give like everything I own to have her life right at this moment. She is so brave and once she decided she wanted to do it she did... something I am trying harder to be and do.

With this problem today every day I've done a lot of research on where I would go if I had the choice. I'm fascinated with finding the spots you wouldn't normally think to go when traveling to a certain country. Right here, right now, here is my top five:

1//Godalming, Surrey, UK
If you know me at all you know I am truly, madly, deeply in love with the movie The Holiday (there is never an inappropriate day or time or class to skip to watch The Holiday) and this is one of the two Surrey villages they shot some scenes in. Really cool, since half the movie is actually set in Surrey.

2//Kenmare, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Ireland is the first answer I give when asked "if you could go anywhere, where would it be?" Still getting all the beauty of Ireland (green everything, rolling hills, ocean, mountains, history) Kenmare still has quite a few things to do along the way.

3//Prague, Czech Republic
Speaking of being brave: friend of a friend Cameron recently sold nearly all of his belongings (including his car) to move to Prague. The pictures of his every day life are stunning and I would love to see the incredible colors and architecture in real life.

4//Gudvangen, Norway
Norway. Northern Lights. This. Swoon. It may be a popular tourist destination but who cares when you get to stare at that?

5//Lausanne, Switzerland
Pictured is the Escaliers Du Marche: some of these houses date back to 1719. Can you tell I'm a sucker for really old buildings? Lausanne sits on Lake Geneva and is largely car-free: perfect for old-fashioned exploration.

PS-for more travel inspo, visit my Pinterest!

Friday, September 5, 2014


This, ladies and gents, is a live post.

As we speak, I am sitting in a restaurant... Dare I say it? Alone. My companions are my water glass, a bowl of fettuccine and a flute of bubbles. I am enjoying myself.

Why is it, that in today's society, being alone equals being lonely? I remember in high school barely being able to go to the store without calling a friend to come with me. Along with this technological age of our phones being Velcro'd to us at all hours of the day and night... We are human beings who hate-no-who are afriad to be alone.

From a very early age I was taught to always be aware of my surroundings. Always use the "buddy system." While I totally believe in that for certain situations, when did it become wrong to do things on our own? Take a walk around town. Be in your own mind, your own spirit. Get dressed up and have a meal by yourself, damn it. We are listening to what our bosses, society, the media, say to us all day long.

Don't be afraid of what your brain will tell you when it's the only thing you hear. Some of my favorite moments have happened in those times.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is that, together, we have to stop being so afraid to be our own person... If only for a moment. It is only then, and only then, that you find who you truly are.

Healthy Desserts

Back when I was obsessed with the Tone It Up Community I asked the people on there for suggestions for healthy dessert recipes... I have a mean sweet tooth and I really just can't go without dessert at least once a day.

That's when I was introduced to Chocolate Covered Katie. While I've only tried a couple of recipes so far this girl is, as far as I'm concerned, a culinary genius. While I don't love the layout of her site, she has healthy recipes (and the nutrition facts to prove it) to every traditionally unhealthy dessert you can think of.

I'm dying to try the deep dish cookie pie and these chocolate fudge zucchini brownies. Don't forget this (pictured above) single-serving apple crumble... perfect for my frequent apple pie cravings!
Come to think of it, they're a great idea for Thanksgiving entertaining.

PS-It's Fashion Week! Although everything that happens at Fashion Week is fabulous because Fashion Week is Fashion Week is FASHION WEEK... See 13 things about it that made me LOL.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Little Rascals obsession

2014 marks the 20 year anniversary of The Little Rascals. Can you believe it?

If you were born anywhere in the late 80's or early 90's, chances are you, too, were (and still are) obsessed with The Little Rascals.

Growing up, my best friend and I would watch it nonstop. I was Buckwheat, she was Porky, and we went around reciting infamous lines and songs from their scenes together. Sound familiar? When I saw this article, I knew I had to dedicate a post to it. It's just too good!

*Sidenote: did you know Zac Mabry (Porky) recently graduated from OU? Mind=blown.

Brian Pocrass, Producer/CEO of production company 22 Vision recently got the entire original cast together for an anniversary photoshoot recreating the character's iconic looks and scenes from the movie. I mean, the whole thing is amazing. It's really interesting to see where they all ended up.

Browse through the photos from the photoshoot here

Watch a behind-the-scenes video here

Still don't have your fix? Watch another behind-the-scenes video here (it's okay, I watched them all too)