Friday, September 5, 2014


This, ladies and gents, is a live post.

As we speak, I am sitting in a restaurant... Dare I say it? Alone. My companions are my water glass, a bowl of fettuccine and a flute of bubbles. I am enjoying myself.

Why is it, that in today's society, being alone equals being lonely? I remember in high school barely being able to go to the store without calling a friend to come with me. Along with this technological age of our phones being Velcro'd to us at all hours of the day and night... We are human beings who hate-no-who are afriad to be alone.

From a very early age I was taught to always be aware of my surroundings. Always use the "buddy system." While I totally believe in that for certain situations, when did it become wrong to do things on our own? Take a walk around town. Be in your own mind, your own spirit. Get dressed up and have a meal by yourself, damn it. We are listening to what our bosses, society, the media, say to us all day long.

Don't be afraid of what your brain will tell you when it's the only thing you hear. Some of my favorite moments have happened in those times.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is that, together, we have to stop being so afraid to be our own person... If only for a moment. It is only then, and only then, that you find who you truly are.


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