Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sparkle and Shine: NYE

New Year's Eve is such a tricky holiday. Where to go? Who to kiss? And most importantly, what to wear?

Typically, NYE is all about the sparkle. However, there is a very fine line between a glamorous sparkly ensemble and total prom disaster. I've come up with a few good rules to follow when choosing your NYE look.
  1. It's always better to be overdressed as opposed to under dressed. Even if your plans include going to a friends house for gossip and bubbly, it's okay to look your best. You are ringing in a whole new year, after all!
  2. Avoid the all-over sequins. Anything shiny is on-trend in 2014, but there are a million ways to do it all wrong. Luckily, there are also just as many ways to do it right.
  3. Hair and make up are almost as important as what you're wearing. Go with the classic cat-eye liner dewy skin and bold lip, and look up different ways to style your hair (or give your local blow out studio a call.) You'll be a full-on show stopper if you do it right!
  4. Lastly, I want to talk about doing sexy right. Last year was my first year going downtown for New Year's Eve, and I saw so many tragic looks, mostly including the skin-tight strapless bodycon and sky-high heel overload. Aren't you cold? Side note: Don't be afraid to bring your coat, because if you end up in a semi-respectable club or bar they will most likely have a coat closet. Also, I think showing your bare back is much sexier than showing your almost bare front. If you're not too fond of the idea of going bra-less, or don't own any of those stick on boobs (although these I don't recommend if you're planning on sweating even a little, they'll fall right off) get a cute lace bralet and channel your inner Carrie B. Showing off your brassiere is okay if it's done right.
Now, some examples. And remember: this night only comes once a year. Make it fabulous!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Adventures in OKC

As I'm sitting at the Starbucks overlooking the Bricktown Ballpark, the tip-top of restaurant The Melting Pot and various other Bricktown landmarks, I'm reflecting on how important (and not to mention way cool) it is to shop local. I know I'm at a Starbucks right now-not local-but forgive me because I have a gift card to spend.

Anyway, I've been adventuring all around The Plaza District, Midtown and beyond exploring a few of these local places. One I want to mention is the Holiday Pop-up shops in Midtown. The only catch: they're only open through this weekend. They started at the end of November, so I'm upset I didn't know about it earlier, but better late than never.

I highly encourage you to check this out before it's over. It's at 9th and Walker, hours are Fri. And Sat. 11-9 and Sun. noon-6. This weekend they have Folk.Life, The Social Club, Shop Good, Eskimo Joe's, The Makeup Bar, Dryshop, and Dutch Floral and Home.

A few other cool places to check out in OKC:
Bad Granny's Bazaar (Peach Pit Vintage)
Plenty Mercantile
Cuppies and Joe
Tree and Leaf
Native Roots Market
The Salvage Room
Group Fly Clothing
And many, many more. GPS a few of these and head out on a local shopping adventure on your day off! You won't regret it.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift Guide: Under $35

Are you like me and still haven't done your Christmas shopping yet? Yeah, I thought so.

I decided to put together a little list of unique, awesome gifts for both guys and gals. The best part? They're all under $35. The second best part? Many of them include free shipping or an extra promotional discount on the website. Tip: often includes free shipping on a lot of different items. It's always wise to check there first. Tip2: Download the app Retail Me Not and always check for extra discount codes.

Happy shopping!

1. Illume Boho Matchbook Set//Birchbox//$13.50
2. Fiona Apron//Anthropologie//$34.00-
3. Richer Poorer Socks//Birchbox//$12.00
4. Votivo Candle//Teak//$26.00
5. Blue Agave & Bamboo Candle//Target//$5.99
6. Rubber Wood Grain iPhone 5/5s Case//J.Crew//$25.00
7. Aerie Stone Embellished Knit Tossel Cap//$15.00
8. Pillow Soft Curls//Miss Jessie's//$13.20
9. Pierce Slim Card Case//Fossil//$25
10. Polka Dot Journal//Sugar Paper//$16.00

Monday, December 9, 2013

Let me introduce myself

So, for my first post, I thought it would only be appropriate to introduce myself.

Name: Katie-not short for Katherine, or Kathleen, or whatever else-just Katie

Nickname: Kate-I think I'll try to make this catch on once I graduate. And I think I'll start here.

Birth date: 09/23/1992

Home town: Guthrie, Oklahoma (home of one of the Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers 2013, for the Mumford and Sons fans, in which I am a huge one)

Favorite food: Doughnuts. I could eat them all day. Or cereal. Or cookies. Or basically anything that isn't good for you. I also drink chocolate milk at least once a day.

Sign: Libra or Virgo, depending on what you're looking at. Mostly I fall into the Libra category, which is much more explanatory of my personality.

I am in school (University of Central Oklahoma) with a major in Fashion Marketing, and a minor in Business Administration, although as you will learn, I am thinking of switching that over to PR (or Mass Communication as they lamely renamed it.)

I have a dog, her name is Ellie-middle name Alexa-and she's basically the light of my life. Unfortunately she lives with my mom, I don't have the time to keep her with me.

I am a workaholic. No, really, I'm addicted to working.

I do not have a Facebook or a Twitter, just Instagram, because in my mind you can tell the story all you want, but can you prove it? Pictures also tell stories just as effectively, if not better, than words.

All in all, I'm a really simple gal. I like wine, I like fashion, I like lovely things. I will put up links to my Tumblr and Instagram so you can see what inspires me.

Good vibes only