Friday, December 20, 2013

Adventures in OKC

As I'm sitting at the Starbucks overlooking the Bricktown Ballpark, the tip-top of restaurant The Melting Pot and various other Bricktown landmarks, I'm reflecting on how important (and not to mention way cool) it is to shop local. I know I'm at a Starbucks right now-not local-but forgive me because I have a gift card to spend.

Anyway, I've been adventuring all around The Plaza District, Midtown and beyond exploring a few of these local places. One I want to mention is the Holiday Pop-up shops in Midtown. The only catch: they're only open through this weekend. They started at the end of November, so I'm upset I didn't know about it earlier, but better late than never.

I highly encourage you to check this out before it's over. It's at 9th and Walker, hours are Fri. And Sat. 11-9 and Sun. noon-6. This weekend they have Folk.Life, The Social Club, Shop Good, Eskimo Joe's, The Makeup Bar, Dryshop, and Dutch Floral and Home.

A few other cool places to check out in OKC:
Bad Granny's Bazaar (Peach Pit Vintage)
Plenty Mercantile
Cuppies and Joe
Tree and Leaf
Native Roots Market
The Salvage Room
Group Fly Clothing
And many, many more. GPS a few of these and head out on a local shopping adventure on your day off! You won't regret it.


  1. Post a pic of your new D&B purse! :)