Monday, December 9, 2013

Let me introduce myself

So, for my first post, I thought it would only be appropriate to introduce myself.

Name: Katie-not short for Katherine, or Kathleen, or whatever else-just Katie

Nickname: Kate-I think I'll try to make this catch on once I graduate. And I think I'll start here.

Birth date: 09/23/1992

Home town: Guthrie, Oklahoma (home of one of the Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers 2013, for the Mumford and Sons fans, in which I am a huge one)

Favorite food: Doughnuts. I could eat them all day. Or cereal. Or cookies. Or basically anything that isn't good for you. I also drink chocolate milk at least once a day.

Sign: Libra or Virgo, depending on what you're looking at. Mostly I fall into the Libra category, which is much more explanatory of my personality.

I am in school (University of Central Oklahoma) with a major in Fashion Marketing, and a minor in Business Administration, although as you will learn, I am thinking of switching that over to PR (or Mass Communication as they lamely renamed it.)

I have a dog, her name is Ellie-middle name Alexa-and she's basically the light of my life. Unfortunately she lives with my mom, I don't have the time to keep her with me.

I am a workaholic. No, really, I'm addicted to working.

I do not have a Facebook or a Twitter, just Instagram, because in my mind you can tell the story all you want, but can you prove it? Pictures also tell stories just as effectively, if not better, than words.

All in all, I'm a really simple gal. I like wine, I like fashion, I like lovely things. I will put up links to my Tumblr and Instagram so you can see what inspires me.

Good vibes only


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