Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Three

I can't believe this is already the third installment of Thursday Three!
Today, I have three links I'm loving this week.

First: Funny
This Tumblr page titled "Old Black People that Look Younger Than Lorde" is cracking me up. It's all in good fun, Lorde!
But seriously, you have to look at it. You'll get a good laugh.

Second: Why are you single?
While browsing on BuzzFeed this week for a presentation coming up, I ran across this quiz and, although I'm not dating therefore I'm not concerned with why I'm single, I was bored enough to take it. If you're bored, you should too!
I got: You're too perfect.
Thanks internet!

Third: Inspiration
Every now and then I get super inspired by the people who do things like this. Life really can be simple sometimes.
Besides when you're raking cool designs into beaches. That probably isn't simple.
Check it out to see more of Andre Amador's amazing works of art!


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