Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Four (really easy) ways to healthify your diet

For some time now, I've been making small changes to my diet to make it a little more natural, easier on my stomach and overall better for my body. Here are four, super easy changes to what you're already consuming if you're looking to do the same thing.

If you're like me, and like a dash or two of creamer in your coffee, coconut milk is an awesome alternative. It's dairy-free, gluten-free, certified Non-GMO and coconut has a lot of health benefits (you should be cooking with coconut oil, too, in place of butter!)

It may not be #1 on this list, but it's #1 in my heart. Ezekiel bread is by far the best discovery I've made in my health journey so far! The name and philosophy comes from a Holy Scripture verse that says "Take also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils and millet, and spelt and put them into one vessel..." Ezekial 4:9

Have you ever heard of something being "sprouted"? This means it's completely free of flours and utilizes ingredients like the ones in the verse to make the product. I highly recommend buying any bread product you can find that's sprouted (i.e. pasta, tortilla chips, cereal, english muffins, etc.) as it's a complete protein and helps aid in digestion among A TON of other benefits.

Contrary to what you may think, stevia is not the same thing as an artificial sweetener like Equal or Sweet'N Low. It's a completely natural source of sweetener (from the stevia plant) and has zero calories. Although it's neighbor Splenda also has zero calories... it's not at all natural. In fact, it contains traces of chlorine. Uhhh... no thanks.

Baking with stevia is a great way to go sugar-free in recipes if you're not ready to try it on fruit, cereal or in your morning coffee just yet. Hit up your local health foods store and make sure to read your labels! Stevia is great, but if a certain brand adds all kinds of other stuff, it kind of defeats the purpose.

I didn't realize until just recently just how good lemon water is for your body. It helps clear up your skin, clean out your system, fight off colds by boosting your immune system, cleanses the liver and even helps boost brain and nerve function. So next time you have some lemons lying around, throw a few slices in your water and reap all the benefits!


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