Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Three

Hi all! Welcome to my first Thursday Three!
Every Thursday, I will be doing a special little post about three things that have my attention this week.

First: This new HIIT workout video from Tone It Up.

I did this workout yesterday morning, in my PJ's, with about a 2x6 rectangle of space-which means you can basically do it anywhere, and I could feel the soreness starting to set in within a couple of hours. It's high intensity intervals, which means your movements change constantly throughout a 20 minute time frame. Awesome for the girl who gets bored easily, AKA me. Try it out and let me know what you think!
PS it's best to do this in the morning before breakfast-you'll burn the most fat and jump start your metabolism for the day.

Second: Spring vibes.

This polish-Zoya's "Caitlin"-is the perfect shade for a transition from winter to spring. It's grey with a really nice tint of smoky purple. I'm trying to get all the sunshine I can before the next winter storm comes back in full force! A fresh pastel polish is the perfect way to bring a little spring into your winter wardrobe.

Third: A post from one of my favorite blogs.

Earlier this week, Emily at Cupcakes and Cashmere posted about an unexpected hostess gift she had received.

I love this post for many reasons. I am HUGE on social etiquette, and this is a prime example. If you're going to someone's new house/apartment for the first time, take a small house warming gift. If someone is hosting a party, get together, game night, etc. take a host/hostess gift. If someone sends you something, send them a hand written thank you note. This post points out how even an unexpected gift made her time and energy into throwing that party worthwhile.

Be on the look out for the second installment of my style post from Monday this weekend! XX


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