Sunday, January 26, 2014

Porches and Alleyways

Yesterday was one of my favorite days ever.
BFF +Austin Ratcliff, his boyfriend Tyle and I went to my hometown of Guthrie, OK to do a little exploring and shoot pictures for our blogs. Today's post will be about our day and throughout the week I will be posting outfit details along with some of the shots Austin took of myself.

 We started the afternoon at Hoboken Coffee Roasters, AKA one of the best things to ever happen to Guthrie. Unfortunately, they were closed, but we got some good pictures there and warmed up to the camera a bit.

After we left Hoboken, we went straight downtown to pause shooting for a bit and look around. I showed A&T one of my favorite places-Prairie Gothic-and they went next door to look at some art while I got in touch with a family friend of ours who owns a shop downtown called Vencedora. After visiting her, buying my favorite candle and changing outfits, we were back to scoping out some cool places for pictures.

Just before the sun went down, we headed upstairs to a particularly nostalgic loft owned by said family friend and took a few "2 bloggers who are also friends" pics. In this one, A's arms look particularly muscular and it sort of looks like an indie/folk CD cover so naturally it was our favorite.

After we were done shooting, we stopped by Rick's to have coffee and chocolate and after that went to Boneyard Grill to have barbecue and drinks. Obviously we had to have dessert first!

All in all, it was not only a successful day for our blogs but the weather was perfect; it was an amazing day for bonding time with two of my dearest friends.


  1. We need more days like this! Love ya!