Monday, January 20, 2014

Living the fab life

For the past few weeks at LifeChurch we have been talking about how it is often-if not always-the small things that make the biggest differences in your life. Your thoughts, the words you say to others-and yourself! And so on. Only YOU are in charge of your attitude. You can choose to have a smiley day or a terrible one... and while sometimes I choose the latter, this year I'm focusing on cherishing every detail of this weird little life of mine.

With that being said (I've never really been a typical numbers person) I'm going to give you EIGHT simple ways to make your life a little more fabulous.

1. Throw on a whole bunch of rings.
The Zoe Report knows their stuff when it comes to the art of stacking rings. Any time I wear a bunch of rings, I think it instantly makes an outfit interesting and adds that little bit of attitude!

2. Change up your hair.
Kate over at The Small Things Blog has a million hair tutorials-all of which are very easy and take five to ten minutes to complete. Any time I do something different with my hair, which is usually some sort of up-do since I always leave it down, it instantly makes me feel like I stand out from the crowd.

3. Grab fresh flowers.
Next time you're out and about, hit a spot like Dutch (in OKC) and take some fresh flowers to go. There's something about fresh flowers that cause a smile and make your day a bit brighter, no?

4. Wear cool sunnies.
My favorite sunglasses from Anthropologie broke this week, and needless to say I was devastated. Whether I was wearing them to the gym or to a date with friends, they always added that little touch of fabulosity to my day. Find a unique pair of sunnies like these from Anthro or these from ASOS (both of which are very affordable) and wear them all the time!

5. Do some research.
The other day I was in sweatpants watching The Bachelor and thinking about how boring my life was. Talk about negative energy! Then I started researching cool internships and random adventures and saved them to my computer. Researching for the future always makes me feel better, and instantly motivates me to get up, throw on a dress (don't forget the sunnies) grab some coffee and maybe even just go for a drive. Instant mood changer!

6. Drink champagne.
The other night while having wine with a friend we got on the subject of champagne, not surprising when you're with me. She told me that when she feels like having a night in, she'll go get a couple of those mini champagne bottles and drinks that while taking a bubble bath complete with candles, bath bombs, you name it. Perfect way to be fabulous and oh so relaxed at the same time! My friend Sierra over at That Awkward Pause hilariously documented her "fab night in".

7. Have a latte and a macaron.
Next time you're at your favorite local coffee shop, ask for a latte (with a cool design in the foam) and a macaron. Not too indulgent, it won't leave you feeling bloated and gross, but instead make you feel like you just had a little piece of Paris.

8. Change your makeup.
I recently started using this highlighter on the bridge of my nose, cheekbones, cupid's bow and brow bone to add a little contouring and it instantly makes me feel brighter. Line your top eyelid with my fave liquid liner, swipe on a pretty lippy and you're ready to have the best day ever!


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