Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fur real

As we are swiftly moving through the winter and into the spring, I have noticed that pretty much everyone I am seeing on my Instagram feed has either received a fur vest for Christmas or bought a fur vest with their Christmas money. Don't get me wrong-fur vests are a super chic way to dress up an outfit and add texture to an otherwise sleek silhouette. But now that everyone has caught on to this trend, it's time to change it up!

First, we'll start with the guys. Fur is very hard to come by in men's clothing, especially if you're not shopping high-end. Fortunately, there are a lot of classic fur garments and accessories for men that are now back in style with the current craze.

(Links that will take you directly to each item are at the beginning of each description!)

Clockwise, starting top left:
This coat with a faux shearling collar from Zara is a perfect way to do fur in a sophisticated way.//170
This hat from Ugg Australia is pretty much a baseball cap with fur, guys, where can we go wrong here?//180
Denim vests were in last season, and they'll be in again with the grunge look. This one from Forever 21 is lined with faux shearling to combine the two trends. This also comes in a denim jacket version.//26
A classic take on this trend is a good way to go. This coat from ASOS has a military-inspired vibe and the fur is subtle enough that any guy would feel comfortable wearing it.//145

Now, on to the girls! I am so glad I decided to do this post, because doing the research has opened up my eyes to how many different options us girls have when it comes to the fur trend. Get ready, you're about to see a cuteness overload!

Add this accessory from ASOS to your top knot to make it even cuter!//18
I am obsessed with A. the cropped fur top and B. this cropped fur top from Urban Outfitters. Come on, let's see how much more fabulous can you make those high-waisters from last summer!//69
This cozy sweater from Forever 21 features faux fur polka dots. This is the ideal way to take this trend home.//16
This bag from Urban Outfitters is perfect for you if furry frocks aren't your thing.//99
A fur snood should be replacing your jersey infinity scarf this spring. This one from ASOS is a great color to match anything in your wardrobe!//40
A fur tank from ASOS in one of this season's trendiest and coolest colors... I don't even need to explain this. Too much fabulous for one picture.//40


  1. The fur cropped top. And the fur tank. Beyond.

  2. I love the vest. And the coats. The hat.. I think could only be pulled off by a bald guy.. but kinda cool still