Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Three

First: How to order wine
I've recently been training my palette to enjoy more rich flavors of wine. This article from Bon Appetit shares some very helpful tips on how to effectively order wine at a restaurant.

Second: New finds
I love finding new websites to shop on, and thanks to Pink Peonies I discovered Sosie! The prices are great and while a lot of the clothes are a bit too trendy for me I love this LWD-little white dress. It can also double as a fun cover-up for those poolside days that are coming soon!

Third: Redecorate
Over the weekend, I thought, "I want a new bed." The ad went up on Sunday night and my headboard and footboard were out of my bedroom by Wednesday evening. Today, I purchased my new headboard (pictured) for HALF OFF at! I'm so excited to see how it transforms the current look in my room.


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