Sunday, May 25, 2014

Finding yourself

Lately, I've been exploring my mind and my soul to truly connect to who I really am.

This has a lot to do with yoga. I've been a fan of yoga for years, I went for my first class when I was somewhere around 16 and I've recently become more dedicated to it.

I finally took the plunge and joined a studio: Hidden Dragon in OKC. I'm still getting a feel for all of the classes, but I think this is the perfect place to extend my practice and explore my spirituality.

If you've never tried yoga, I highly recommend dropping in for a class at a studio near you. A lot of people are so intimidated by it, but there is no reason to be. There are several modifications to every pose and a yoga studio is a place of safety, love and absolutely zero judgement. It's really a calming experience!

Have you tried yoga, and if you have, did you enjoy it? I'd love to hear!


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