Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just real busy

  1. 1.
    having a great deal to do

Gosh, busy is such a cliche word. I hate saying it but admittedly it takes up about half of my vocabulary.

I've actually been saying it so much that I've found synonyms. "Wanna go to coffee?" "I can't, I'm so swamped with homework."

I've been thinking a lot about what's expected of the average college student like me. For example:

//Work full time. Or work multiple jobs. Or both.
//Go to school full time.
//Don't take out loans-no-too much debt (yeah right)
//Make good grades. Get into that honor society. Be involved on campus.
//Get a full night's sleep.
//Exercise. Every day. Don't forget that balanced diet!
//Keep your house clean. Your house that you pay astronomical rent for. And bills... ALL the bills!

I am so grateful for my independence (it's something I'm very proud of, actually) but my blog has seemed to take a backseat to the list above.

With my mind on other things, it's hard for me to be inspired and I want to create interesting posts that my readers actually want to read.

Basically, for the next couple of months I will still be blogging; just not as frequently. Don't worry, I will be back to my regular schedule before you know it!

Until then, follow me on Instagram @styleandthingsblog, Twitter @styleandthings or my personal Instagram @katieallie to keep up to date! I post something each time I post on the blog. You can also sign up to have my blog posts sent directly to your email by putting your name in that little box on the right side of the page!

Thank you, so much, for reading. And please stick around! XXO


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