Thursday, July 10, 2014

What to do when...

As you all know I recently went on a trip to Chicago. Before that trip I was working out twice a day, eating great, feeling great and staying semi-motivated. But before that, not even taking into account healthy diet and exercise, I was majorly losing inspiration with all the stress that life has brought me during the last couple of weeks. I need to be better about not losing myself even when life happens.

What do you do when you completely lose not only motivation, which is bad enough, but inspiration? I've been pondering this and here's what I'm going to start slowly incorporating back into my routine so that maybe I can find my happy place again! (Seriously, a few months ago, I was like stupid happy) not that I'm not happy now, just not as I once was. I felt so in tune with my soul. Here it goes.
  1. Get back to yoga at least three times a week, not just one or two
  2. Take my dog on a morning or evening walk-daily
  3. Prep protein and veggies on Sundays to incorporate into meals during the week
  4. Start getting out on the water: paddle boarding and kayaking
  5. Carve out a little money to take myself to breakfast/coffee once a few times a month
  6. Meditate on the days I'm not at yoga ( is great for this)
  7. Start paying for Spotify so I can directly play some soul-soothing tunes as needed
  8. Entertain at my new digs at least once a month
  9. Rent a bike and actually use it
  10. Last, but perhaps the most important... smile more. In the aisles of the grocery store, while tagging shirts for work, right before bed... just share a little smile with myself and the world.
PS-for fun, 16 spelling mistakes you should stop making, like, now


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