Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I have always been a bargain hunter. I hardly ever buy anything clothes, shoes or accessories-wise that isn't on sale. I'm not cheap--I just know how to find good deals!

A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine asked if I could do a post on how to find the best deals. So, here are my tricks!

Download this app and next time you're at a store about to check out, search it there first to make sure you can't find a coupon code or sale you can use to shave a little more off. If you're shopping online, you will often find promo codes for percentages off and free shipping! This app is how I found out that all students and teachers get 15% off all of the time at J. Crew... I couldn't believe I was missing out on that one!

Plato's Closet
I want to reference Plato's directly because it has hardly ever failed me. My favorite thing to get there? Jeans. The best thing about getting them there is that they are already perfectly worn, and who doesn't love a perfectly worn pair of jeans? And the best part: if you're low on cash, take in a couple of things you haven't worn all season and trade them out for something new. Win win!

Email lists
Go to your favorite store online and sign up to receive emails. You can unsubscribe at any time, but say it's a Saturday and you receive an email from J. Crew that all of their sale stuff online and in stores is an additional 50% off. Head there ASAP to get the good stuff!

Thrift stores
Everyone knows that thrifting is hit or miss, and it usually takes time and commitment to really get in there and see what you can find! Take a day and grab some friends for a lunch date and thrift shopping. I have found some great things, and if you aren't scared of thrifted shoes, that's almost always where I find the best brands and quality!

Sale rack, duh
If you are a true bargain hunter, the sale rack is your best friend. You know where the sale section is in every store, and that's nothing to be ashamed of! Ask yourself: is this top going to go on sale in two weeks when the seasons change? Yes. Should I buy it now for twice the price? No. You have to have a sale-driven mindset to get the best deals!


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