Saturday, November 15, 2014

Coconut oil: skin saver?

Warning: lengthy (but full of info!)

This past week, my face turned into a nightmare. A flaky, dry-patchy, no moisture mess. (TMI, I know) Although I'm sure the stress of the week and lack of proper hydration didn't help either, my skin had never been so dry before.

The only facial cleanser I had on hand the night I noticed the problem was a super-drying formula to prevent occasional breakouts, and I was so scared to use it that I went straight to the kitchen for whatever coconut oil I had. I had heard of people using it as a facial and body moisturizer, hair mask and eye makeup remover, but only briefly; I hadn't done any research.

After wetting my face (mistake) I applied the oil all over and "rinsed it off" (mistake #2) and waited to see if it worked.

I repeated this process for three days except in a different, better way. Here's what I learned along the way:
  • You only need a small, dime-size amount. Rub it in your hands and it will melt quickly, if it's not already melted. Coconut oil is solid when stored at temps below 76 degrees.
  • It's a champ at taking off eye makeup in a natural, non-irritating way. I plan on using this as a makeup remover before cleansing each night.
  • Rub the oil over face and eyes, then wipe off with a towel. No water needed.
  • You need to buy the most pure coconut oil you can find. Organic, extra-virgin oil is best.
  • To use as a body oil apply to your whole body when you're still in the shower. Towel off and your skin will be smooth and dewy. I've been applying my favorite lotion afterwards for an extra shot of moisture.
  • You can also take coconut oil pills, rumored to keep hair shiny and skin clear.
  • At first, it makes your skin feel very greasy. However, coconut oil is great at absorbing into skin-just give it a few minutes.
  • I've read a couple of articles that say coconut oil is best when used on oily skin, because it counteracts and evens it out. I have combination skin, so it may not be best for me at all times, but it helped when I needed it.
Overall, my skin is almost back to normal, and I'd like to think my coconut oil experiment had a part in that! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

PS-this whole ordeal got me wanting to buy my all-time favorite body oil, it smells heavenly!


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